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True Stone board

Short Description:

The marks of Philigreen ‘True Stone Panel’ are naturally flowing and smooth. The panels are resistant to abrasion, erosion and ultraviolet radiation, static electricity, high temperature, acid rain, water, crack, high strength, long-term fluctuating climatic conditions. They are easily maintained and cleaned, excellent self-cleaning performance. They are unimaginable masterpieces of the before outside walls, and the best alternatives to the external granite.

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Product Features

◆ Rich Decorating Effect

Through the combination of modern concepts and traditional styles, it creates a luxurious and solemn decorative effect at a lower cost. It replaces the natural granite stone that is becoming increasingly rare.

◆ Light Weight

Light weight, low water absorption. It can be used directly in new buildings without increasing the additional load of the wall. At the same time, it can satisfy the need of the exterior wall cladding renovation and solves the problem of external wall leakage.

◆ Good Weather Resistance

After repeated freeze-thaw tests, the Philigreen ‘True Stone Panel’ does not show any layering, cracking, or other. Freeze-thaw resistance is very good.

◆ Thermal Insulation

Philigreen ‘True Stone Panel’ has low thermal conductivity, which effectively reduces heat loss and heat gain, achieving a warm winter and cool summer.

◆ Non-Combustibility

Philigreen ‘True Stone Panel’ tests meet the national A1 level standard, so that the user’s safety is guaranteed.

◆ Green

It is environmental friendly, non-toxic, harmless, and non-combustible. That comply with national energy conservation and environmental protection requirements.



Newly built, extended or altered industrial or residential buildings


Product specification

Length and Width: 2440 x 1220mm  

Thickness: 6~12mm

Panels can be customized by non-standardized dimensions on request of customers.


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