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About philigreen

Philigreen Building Material Co., Ltd., with European environmental concept and service tradition, locate their manufacturing plant near the Tashan Forest Park of Huizhou, Guangdong; and operations service center in High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Guangzhou. Aligning with the European heart of environmental protection technology and product standards, Philigreen is committed to providing customers with quality green building materials and customized system solutions.


With plants surrounded by beautiful environment; modern European enterprise management methodologies, adherence to low-carbon and environmentally friendly production processes and technologies, Philigreen is one of the genuine green environmental protection companies in the industry. Our Steel Laminated Panel, Aluminum Laminated Panel and Wood Laminated Panel first launched into the Chinese market, have unique functional and decorative effects. They have quickly become a landmark product in the China domestic industry. Their functional features are widely used in underground space, industrial plants, logistics and warehousing and Class A hospitals. 


Their decorative features are widely applied in many Chinese and foreign large-scale public buildings, and high-end hotels and office projects.

Philigreen’s devotion to the core business philosophy that enables our employees to achieve self-development, provides satisfactory customer services, and contributes to the society, unleashes the leading advantages of European environmental protection technologies, and contributes to the development of China's green environmental protection industry and fabricated construction.

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